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Polystyrene Sheets

Polystyrene sheets produces (100*300 cm) from establishing and different thicknesses like from (10 up to 1000 mm).
Using of polystyrene sheets for non – conductor of warmness and coldness of building.
This sheet is in different thicknesses and it’s using for making of forms, types of designs, preparing of advertising billboards and also use for foundry.

Usages of pressed polystyrene:

1- Non – conductor of sound, coldness and warmness.
2- Specially for fridge and non – conductor of cryogenic.
3- Charge expenditure for factories impaction.
4- For Rock industrial factories.

3D Wall

3D wall is new phenomenon in building and construction technology which is most welcomed in most advanced countries. 3D wall is organized of two layers of metal network with steel weld in both side and one layer polystyrene.
Prefab parts carrying to the construction area and after installing the walls and floor the both side cover by concrete. Based on specification of these goods we can call it: one of the strongest building materials.

Benefits of polystyrene (3D wall):

1- Proper non-conductor of enthusiasm and sound (warmness, coldness between 50% till 80%).
2- Solidity and integrality of desired.
3- Speed in installment up to 50% level.
4- Proper complex.
5- Resistant in against of earthquake and wind blowing up to 400 kmph.

Compression of 3D panels chart with other types:

Polystyrene cells

The concrete or chromatic cells which cover the roofs are cliometric and weighty which it cannot bear with loading and it also take maximum space. Therefore, Polystyrene is the best choice to cover floors with.

Benefits Polystyrene proportion with concrete floors:

1- Floors lightness.
2- It declines the leveling of light under the roof by which it can be leveled best upon your choice.
3- Easy to implement.
4- Reduce the implementation tim.
5- Proper price.
6- Easily to transfix for piping for electrical lines and establishments.
7- Non-conductor of sound and enthusiasm.

Comparison of the weight of building panels and ordinary buildings:

Polystyrene 50%
Metal 65%
Concrete 88%

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